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The Chris Jennings Group is comprised of leaders well-versed in many business models that have a passion for helping teams perform at their best by following a clearly outlined plan of action, stimulating genuine communication both internally and with customers, and personally holding each individual accountable for their actions.

We help you run lean & achieve goals by putting our team to work on the tasks we do best, installing systems for growth, and allowing your people to work in their areas of strength.

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Chris Jennings

Managing Partner: Chris Jennings Group

UCLA grad & well-traveled business owner, consultant, speaker, Vistage member, former triathlete, devoted husband, and proud father of 3 grown daughters.

Chris started his career at 12 years old knocking on doors to shovel snow and cut lawns. Recruited by Fortune 100 companies to develop and lead teams internally, he then scratched his entrepreneurial itch and started a couple of companies both growing by multiple millions.

Student of business & life, Chris is eager to be useful and help companies address the challenges of growing in a profitable manner, and helping people have better conversations that lead to win-win relationships by creating systems and process that reduce the costs of customer acquisition, make better use of the human capital, all while improving employee engagement and company bottom lines.  Chris is noticeably passionate in his communication style and his commitment to service of all people he encounters.

He loves the Yankees, the Lakers, all things UCLA and still hopes to be the oldest triathlete at a triathlon someday.

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