The Client Retention Matrix

A How-To Guide for Growing Relationships: Proven Strategies to Keep Clients Longer, Increase Margins, and Guarantee Referrals


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What happens after you've successfully converted prospects into clients?

How do you keep them, grow with them, and turn them into long-term partners?

In this book, you’ll discover how to develop such strong connections with your clients that they not only stay with you for years but also become a source of steady new business through referrals. Imagine a scenario where the constant chase for new clients becomes a thing of the past, where your business grows organically, and you’re free to focus on providing exceptional service. This book is about making that scenario a reality.

The Client Retention Matrix creates not just business growth, but also the development of lasting, meaningful relationships with your clients. Your customers won’t just be satisfied; they’ll be so impressed and well-cared for that they’ll never want to leave.

Powerful Systems

You’ll find ten simple yet powerful systems that form the backbone of the Client Retention Matrix, designed to help you foster and maintain client relationships effectively.

GoLive with Special Teams

GoLive is a measurement of live dialogue that your team has with your clients and prospects.

Onboarding New Client

Keys to training your new customers to becoming the best customer you have ever had.

Collecting Client Org Charts

Get intimately familiar with all the people who work at the client company.

Quarterly Business Review

Get great outcomes when you schedule a formal Quarterly Business Review (QBR) of the performance versus expectations.

Update Customer Goals

You will get a fuller understanding of how what you do fits into your customers bigger picture by asking the right questions at the right times.

Clear Handoffs

The sales team finds a new opportunity, turns it over to a very well-run Special Teams group, and goes out to find more new opportunities

Defining Your Ideal Client

Get the right kinds of clients who love what you do, appreciate what you bring to the table, and are glad to pay your prices, regardless of what you charge.

Who is the CXO?

The Client Experience Officer (CXO) think strategically about how to make the relationship more profitable for both parties.

Contract Renewal and Setting Customer Targets

If you renew your clients contractually at a specific price, volume, or service offering, here are a few best practices.

Referrals to Your Clients

If your client starts to depend on you as a steady, reliable source of business, they are not leaving you, no matter what you charge.