About Us

Our Team

The Chris Jennings group is an authentic group of leaders well versed in many business models that have a passion for helping teams perform at their best by following a clearly outlined plan of action, stimulating genuine communication both internally and with customers, and personally holding each individual accountable for their actions.

Each one of our accomplished partners has spent many decades developing people, leading teams, and generating ideas that have led to many incredible accomplishments.  Each one of us is motivated by our clients’ teams accomplishing theirs goals and giving them the guidance, tools, and resources to do just that.

We are keenly aware that many leaders of organizations are hoping to do the same for their teams and falling short of that goal due to a lack of time in the day, lack of experience with a unique or complex problem, or an apparent lack of cooperation or engagement by their team to work through the challenges that we all face.

Our Vision

We create wins for you…

  • Taking a $10M marginally profitable company to $20 mil and positioning for sale
  • Attracting private equity to gain liquidity & growth
  • Increasing revenue by 30%
  • Reducing cost of sales by 5-10%
  • Increasing gross profit by 2-10%

Let us be useful now! We can help you run lean & achieve goals by putting our team to work on the tasks we do best, installing systems for growth, and allowing your people to work in their areas of strength. This leads to:

  • Hitting your gross profit % targets
  • Reducing your cost per lead and cost of sales
  • Increasing your revenue per client by 20-50%
  • Paying bigger bonuses to deserving employees
  • Peace of mind and additional employment opportunities
If you have been asking for this and not getting it, we will clean up the messaging to your clients, and help you get the results you have been yearning for.
Talk to one of our partners today & see what we can do together.

Our Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Chris Jennings in 2019. The award nominate a veteran member who has moved mountains. A veteran Vistage member, this person sees no finish line in their pursuit of world-class. With a track record of bold decisions benefiting company, community and beyond, they are a beacon to fellow members even as they achieve personal greatness.

Top Performer award was awarded to Chris Jennings in 2020. It is an annual recognition of speakers who have presented 25+ engagements, maintained a 4.5+ average score, and have a 95%+ recommendation rating in the previous year.