Weekly Group Coaching sessions


8am to 8:45am (PST)

1 year curriculum with a variety of sales topics focused on reaching new clients, converting at a higher rate, setting goals & staying motivated to perform, and involving the entire team to help with the sales effort.

Going from 1st conversation to 1st opportunity

How to identify real opportunities quickly by creating great next steps & offering low risk/easy to start commitments

Defining what your best clients look like & training all clients to become one

Develop a process to train all your clients to become your next best client

Updating Customer Goals what’s important to becoming their partner, before its too late

Keep asking questions that alert you to what’s important to your customers company, department and personal lives.

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$1,500 per month per person. Please contact us for group discounts.

Please contact us at 949-450-1425 or at info@chrisjenningsgroup.com with any questions.