This Base Camp provides the big picture of the Business Development System. It is ideal for Business Owners, Company Presidents, Sales Managers, Salespeople, and anyone that is customer facing who is serious about improving their performance.


Day 1
October 13, 2021

Session 1: The Sales Conversation – 11 steps to elevate your communication

Session 2: Defining your goals and building a personal plan

Session 3: Identifying targets and building campaigns to engage more clients

Day 2
October 14, 2021

Session 4: Remote Selling/Social Selling

Session 5: Unique connections to your clients and learning how to explore their world in a meaningful way

Session 6: On-boarding new clients and develop more referrals and introductions

Day 3
October 15, 2021

Session 7: Developing and managing people – Running 1 on 1’s that move your team forward

Session 8: Culture- Why culture matters and how to define yours

In 3 days, you will learn how to:

Have real conversations that get to real outcomes

Build a qualification / disqualification process that makes you more efficient and focused

Build an approach that engages prospects and uncovers the key business factors

Quickly establish unique connection with prospects and customers

Use Seek First to Understand questioning techniques to uncover the prospects “why”

Onboard new clients successfully that lead to more referrals

Gain confidence and shed limiting beliefs