Talent Insights

Implementing the findings of Talent Insights® Report (DISC + 12 Driving Forces®) will help you paint a more complete picture of your client’s employees by revealing their behaviors and drivers in one comprehensive report.This assessment provides your base to work with your client on a more comprehensive level, helping them understand how to lead and communicate more effectively by looking at a glance at a combined report.

Talent Insights is an assessment tool that identifies a person’s behaviors and drivers, helping to predict how and why a person will move to action in any given situation.

Your peers use Talent Insights:

    • As part of their hiring process to select the bestcandidates
    • To onboard effectively
    • As a tool to coach employees
    • As a resource for people development and to manage conflict
    • To develop leaders that will elevate the company from within
    • In short: To help their clients succeed by going deeper than DISC.


Here’s your opportunity to help your clients’ employees communicate better. They will be utilizing the universal language of DISC which explains how a person prefers to do what they do.

Style Insights® is a DISC assessment tool built around Marston’s four unique behavioral factors that explore the way we approach problems, people, pace, and procedures in our daily lives.The four DISC components (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) create a behavioral makeup unique to every individual.Implementing the findings of DISC assessments and reports will help you increase communication and ultimately result in a more engaged and collaborative team for your client.

Your peers use DISC to:

    • Reveal behavioral preferences
    • Improve communication
    • Discover, develop and advance ideal talent
    • Reduce workplace conflicts
    • and help their clients achieve success!


Identify how well your client’s employees manage emotions and impact relationships with others. They will be utilizing the Emotional Quotient (EQ) report which assesses five areas of emotional intelligence such as self and social regulation.

EQ is an assessment tool that can help you sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.You can enable your clients’ employees to manage emotions effectively using the EQ assessment to work better together.

Your peers use EQ to:

    • Build strong relationships by revealing insights of emotional self and social regulation
    • Navigate organizational change by bringing sense, understanding of emotions
    • Empower leaders of today and discover leaders of tomorrow
    • Reduce team conflicts and improve productivity
    • EQ is a great match to DISC as it giveslots of insights to what to expect from the different behavioral styles in different situations.

TriMetrix DNA

Want to help your clients hire and retain the best talent? By implementing the insights of this report, your client has a research-based tool that will create results and an environment where people are more engaged and productive.

A TriMetrix® DNA (DISC + 12 Driving Forces® + Competencies) assessment will provide a report that shows you an individual’s job-related skills in combination with their behavior and drivers.Using TriMetrix DNAshows you a person’s strengths and weaknesses. These insights are used for personal and professional development. It gives your clients a variety of ways to achieve a higher level of results.

Your peers use TriMetrix DNA to…

    • Develop talent more effectively
    • Hire from entry to executive level
    • Identify and develop future leaders
    • Better maximize the potential of their client’s people.

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